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Team GB set to reflect and look forward

The British Squad meet this weekend in the Lake District for the annual Inaugral weekend. Juniors and Seniors will gather to look back on the past year which has seen glory at a world level. Also on the cards for the weekend is a Bilbo-special long-o and the classic terrain test, a proper bo ...

Elite Transfers

Norwegian internationals Holger Hott Johansen and Bernt Bjornsgard have both left the Oslo Elite club Baekkelagets, home of Dan Marston, where they both won Jukola in 2002. Bjornsgard will now run for the swedish club Malungs OK Skogsmardarna, home of Jimmy Birklin. Hott Johansen, and his Canad...

Transfer News

Scott Fraser and Dan Halliday have signed for swedish club Sädalens AIK in order to benfit from more scandinavian orienteering and participation in 'The Great Relays' Tio and Jukola.

BOF Ranking List Update

BOF ranking list has seen another update. Highlights are David Godfree M21L, Heather Munro W21L, Matthew Speake M20L, Mhairi Mackenzie(W18)W20L. Ranking list available here.

JOK Chasing Sprint 2003

This year the JOK sprint was held very late in the season, inconjunctoin with the biggest event in the New Forest, SOC's November Classic National Event. For those who dont know, the JOK sprint is a chasing start sprint/short race. The prologue is run like any other race in the morning, then i...

Swedish Nights Too Easy

In a report put to the Swedish Orienteering Federation it was stated that the SM Natt championships was too easy. "The Swedish national championships in night-O is today decided in mass start form...the races has more or less become cross-country running with headlamps". This is somthing Mharky a...

Tinto Twin

The tinto twin results are available here.

PWT 2003

The 2003 Park World Tour Finals took place in Southern Sweden from 23rd-25th of October. In the Mens series World Middle Distace Champion Thierry Gueorgiou (FRA) reigned supreme, ahead of Grant Bluett (AUS) and Mikhail Mamleev (RUS). In the womens there was a suprise victory by Anne Margrethe...

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