History Lesson

Orienteering Online?

In the beginning there was no internet. People put 20p in an envelope marked with their name and address, and a few weeks later would find out the results from an orienteering event, along with what the planner, organiser and the controller thought about how the event went and wasn't the weather terrible. You might have managed a quick chat with your friends and clubmates in the car park, you might have just headed home. You'd find out what was happening from your faithful club newsletter, a photocopied affair which told you when the next events were and that the club has just invested a huge amount in some new pin punches and a clock. You might also find out what was happening in the wider world through a number of means, the British & Scottish Orienteering Associations would try keep you up to date while some might subscribe to Compass Sport for news and happenings over the past few months from around the country.

Then there was the growth of the internet.

Some clubs embraced it. Results went online for those who searched hard enough and/or could wait for them to download on their 14.4 modem. Then later as the internet grew, a smattering of other information became available online. News was scattered across a variety of sites, as was event information. A small group of people started discussing events and having a bit of chat on message boards (props to the Peel Adventure Board) and athlete websites (Murraystraining et al). It was all quite disjointed, but then so was the internet at this time.

Enter Nopesport V1.0...

Nope Launch Streak

In the beginning it was just an idea. In fact there were many. An outpouring of minds over a number (probably too many) of pints (it is always the way) brought forth the original Nopesport concept. Nonimage & Pyrat worked day and night and eventually their ideas came to fruitition. Designed as an online focus for the UK orienteering community, allowing people to interact and discuss and dissect everything to do with orienteering (and a few other things), as well as pulling news from across the UK and beyond into one place, Nopesport was born in late 2003.

Since then things progressed quickly, word spread, people talked, ideas were kindled and our dreams were realised. Nopesport V2.0 was a design revamp midway through 2004 while December 2004 saw a full relaunch with a new design and a raft of new features with Nopesport V3.0. Four long years ago...

2005 until now


We may not have changed our design since 2005, but that hasn't meant that we've not been doing anything. We continued to bring you news from around the UK and beyond. We've helped change the way British Orienteering communicates with their members. We've put on a host of our own events and a training camp, as well as helping out with others. 

Nopesport Cities Cup

We've (almost) all fled the orienteering bosom of Edinburgh for pastures new since then, and we've expanded the original Nopesport mantra of "making orienteering better" into different avenues.

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