Swedish Nights Too Easy

In a report put to the Swedish Orienteering Federation it was stated that the SM Natt championships was too easy. "The Swedish national championships in night-O is today decided in mass start form...the races has more or less become cross-country running with headlamps". This is somthing Mharky agrees with very strongly, the night race was far too easy for him. He took an early 3 second lead over Emil Lauri (the H20 winner) at the first control, then he let the World Class Swede take the lead for the next few controls. At the first Radio point the 2 gaffels came together and Mharky was in 5th place just seconds down and in good position to use his kick when the time came. However, in some cross country races with headlamps it is possible to go to seconds down at 1 control to 16 minutes at the other control, which was 1:09mins away. In an exclusive interview Mharky revealed that none of the 4 people he was following had the same next control, in effect, his race plan was screwed. However he bravely battled back from last place to... well last place because everyone was so incredibly far infront by now. Mharky would like to have it stated for the record that he was not wearing contact lenses for the race... should have gone to specsavers. For amusement, see the SM Natt splits here.

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