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Orienteer of the Year 03

At the Great Britain Orienteering Team's Inaugural weekend Jamie Stevenson was named as orienteer for his stunning gold medal performace at the World Championships in Rapperswil. The Junior Orienteer of the Year was Matt Speake for his peformance at the Junior European Cup (5th in classic, 1st o...

Svrd goes pro

Gunilla Svä, SWE & IF Thor, is going to be a full time orienteer in preparation for next years World Championships in Väerå Sweden. Gunilla has been working as a teacher, but as soon as the schools break up for christmas her profession wil be training. The 33 year has plenty of international me...

JWOC2007 -Australia

IOF have announced that JWOC 2007 will be in Australia, the first time the premier junior race will leave Europe. Juniors looking to be in volved in these races may include names such as Duncan and Calum Coombs, multi-talented sportsman Rhodri Buffet, and others from their age classes, and gir...

World Cup 3, Finals

Bulletin 2 has been released for the 3rd round and finals of the 2004 Orienteering World Cup in Dresden, Germany.

Apologies would like to apologise for a mistake in our article about the selections for the World Schools Championships. The team we posted are actually the England team. The Scottish team will have its own set of representatives at the event. We apologise for any confusion arising from our a...

WUOC Bulletin 2

Bulletin 2 of the World University Orienteering Championships in the Czech Republic this June has been released.

SPOOK weekend report

So it all started with a warm-up-pre-weekend drink or two at the Ball, Crookes. Friday night at closing saw a ‘sober’ brisk walk home with a bag of chips under me arm. A crisp icy morning started the weekend proper, and 70-80 people headed to the famous Ecclesall woods for the annual SPOOK (th...

World Schools Selections

ISF World Schools Championships 2004 Büach, Belgium English Selections School Teams Junior Girls - Ulverston Victoria High School Senior Girls - Ulverston Victoria High School Junior Boys - Ulverston Victoria High School Senior Boys - Lancaster Grammar School Ju...

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