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O-Stars at Braids

Cross-country- its not orienteering, but that doesn't mean orienteers cant do well. The Edinburgh Uni Braids Hills race featured a number of top results from established orienteers. Top of the pile was GB Performance squad star Hannah Wooton who was pipped for first place by 1 second. In the...

O'ers hit Braid Hills

In just a few hours time orienteers will meet with the xc world in the annual Edinburgh Uni Braids Hills XC race. O'ers likely to take part include Godders, Inman, Hensman, Strain, Utensils, Saunders, Chepelin, Brunton, Forrest, MacKenzie,and the rest of the 'burgh crew. Visiting guests also in...

BSOC 03 Results

The British Schools Championships was held last weekend by MDOC/DEE in the North West. On Saturday 15th there was the World Schools selection race for 14s + 16s. Wins came from Chris Smithard M14, Joseph Taunton M16, Emily Benham W14 and Jessica Halliday W16. Click here. On Sunday the 16th...

cambridge sprint-o

We have an early, as yet unconfirmed report from supersaint - "1st round Men - Craney wins by bloody miles after noticing that the unpassable crag was in fact a mere slope, myself, Jimbob and Little Sprot all go round and lose loads of time. Uncle Dickie scrapes through by the skin of teeth in a...

Kinneil Hill CC

Result from the INT event at Kinneil Hill are here. A passing orienteer commented: "aye man was braw, quality event n that min."

Shooting Greens CC

Results from recent colour coded near Banchory, Aberdeenshire available here.

Scottish Night Championships

In an exclusive nopesport interview with Ben Rattray who runs for CLYDE, the M21L winner of the scottish night champs, nopesport asked ben what he thought of the event. (aussie accent) "I thought the event was awesome. The terrain was real good and shows that Scotland has world class terr...

Orienteering on the Radio

source: Peel Adventure Board rc writes: Out of Doors presenter Mark Stephen. is doing an article on orienteering on his live radio show on Saturday, which includes a live interview with Rob Hickling(GRAMP), one of the officials at the Scottish Orienteering Night Champs. It will be put out this ...

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