Elite Transfers

Norwegian internationals Holger Hott Johansen and Bernt Bjornsgard have both left the Oslo Elite club Baekkelagets, home of Dan Marston, where they both won Jukola in 2002. Bjornsgard will now run for the swedish club Malungs OK Skogsmardarna, home of Jimmy Birklin. Hott Johansen, and his Canadian wife Sandy, will join forces with Jorgen Rostrup at Kristiansand OK. Also joining KOK is promising junior runner Kristian Dalby, silver medalist in the JWOC relay.
In sweden, the superclub IFK Goteborg has lost two key runners to Turun Suunistajat. Kim Fagerudd and Salla Sukki will be leaving Goteborg, Sukki returning to the club she left 12 months ago.

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