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Smalandskavlen Relay

for a good review of the finale of the swedish o season see

WRE2004 Announced

IOF have revealed details of next years World Ranking events. The British Races are JK Days 1&2 and a North Gloucester NE, the classic race as part of the 0007 Weekend, also likely to be a selection race. for further details see

Gross banned from TINTO Twin!

SOA Performance Director G.Ross has been banned from attending this weekends Tinto twin after trying to organise a start list for Elite runners. The event is controversially going ahead on a 'turn-up-and-go' policy, hardly the standards one expects from Scotlands premier night/day event/Scottish...

Trewan suing PWT

Aussie elite runner Cassie Trewan is sueing the PWT for 42,000 EURO after injuring her back landing on a crash mat in a Leibnitz sprint race in 2000. Trewan was not alone in injuring herself on this mat, Jamie Stevenson was forced to retire after twisting his ankle on the landing. This lawsui...

JWOC 2004

The IOF has chosen Poland to be the host nation for the Junior World Orienteering Championships in 2004. Bulletin 1 has been released and is available on the website. Russia were forced to withdraw after not meeting the required deadlines set by the...

FCC 2004 Fixtures Released

The Schedule for the Future Champions Cup 2004 has been released. Follow the [url=]link[/url] to see the fixtures. Yet again the season kicks off with a double weekend, Short race on Saturday, and 'Classic' on the Sunday. This year it is the techni...

Peter Palmer passes away.

BOF News Site writes: "It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Peter Palmer passed away earlier today. Peter was a great campaigner for orienteering, in particular junior orienteering, and many will fondly remember his influence on their orienteering careers. He was a well respe...

Kimm Results Available

KIMM 2003 results can be found here. Congratulations go to Ed Kelleher and Chris Sellens for winning the C course.

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