O-Stars at Braids

Cross-country- its not orienteering, but that doesn't mean orienteers cant do well. The Edinburgh Uni Braids Hills race featured a number of top results from established orienteers.
Top of the pile was GB Performance squad star Hannah Wooton who was pipped for first place by 1 second. In the mens race best o'er was Murray Strain who finished third, a position held by WOC-medallist Jon Duncan last year.

Strain competed the 6-mile course in a shade under 32 minutes and helped EU Hares and Hounds to win the team prize. However had an all star orienteering team been counted they would have won by miles, featuring Strain, Niall Bourke, Steve Feltbower and the man Godders who all finished inside the top 25, in times of under 35.

full results should be available via http://www.eusu.ed.ac.uk/clubs/haries/ in the next few days.

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