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NE1 results

The results for National Event 1, held today (1st Feb) at Blackheath and hosted by Guilford Orienteers are online here

British Relays

BOF have just announced that the British Relays (originally scheduled for 21st March) will take plave on 3rd May in the Forest of Dean as part of the "Triple O Severn" weekend. The weekend now consists of a short race (sat), a National event (Sun) and British Relays (Mon). Source: CLYDE

National Event 1 Details

Final details, start lists and control descriptions are now available on the GO Website

FCC1 Details

Final details, startlists and descriptions for the first round of the Future Champions Cup are now on the SN Website

SUSF Sprints

EUOC will be hosting the scottish universities sprint distance championships next weekend on corstorphine hill, in conjunction with SOSOL 6. Anyone who wishes a guest entry for this race is advised to contact the for further info. the course will be ultra spectator fr...

JOK Chasing Sprint

"The original chasing sprint, complete with a variety of flying pigs, returns on Sunday 29th February at Sherwood Pines, Nottinghamshire. sort your entries out at closing date 7th feb It's part of the UKCup and FCC this year, so we're ...

Nopesport Trophy 2004

The first nopesport trophy event is to be held on 22nd February 2004. Held in conjunction with the CLYDE District event. The venue is Bar Hill (GR - NS701757): A small, but technically challenging area north-east of Glasgow, which contains a number of archaeologically important sites includ... Chasing Sprint

Just three days after the website was launched saw the impromptu staging of the first ever nopesport race. Held in conjunction with Gramps local event at Drum woods, EUOC legends fought it out for the title of 'Naked Pig 2003' Prologue was held around the orange course, fast and furious sprin...

Scottish Score

A sunny november day saw the Scottish Score champs descend on Devilla, Stirlingshire. Results available here. (Source: BOF)

O-Stars at Braids

Cross-country- its not orienteering, but that doesn't mean orienteers cant do well. The Edinburgh Uni Braids Hills race featured a number of top results from established orienteers. Top of the pile was GB Performance squad star Hannah Wooton who was pipped for first place by 1 second. In the...

O'ers hit Braid Hills

In just a few hours time orienteers will meet with the xc world in the annual Edinburgh Uni Braids Hills XC race. O'ers likely to take part include Godders, Inman, Hensman, Strain, Utensils, Saunders, Chepelin, Brunton, Forrest, MacKenzie,and the rest of the 'burgh crew. Visiting guests also in...

Kinneil Hill CC

Result from the INT event at Kinneil Hill are here. A passing orienteer commented: "aye man was braw, quality event n that min."

Shooting Greens CC

Results from recent colour coded near Banchory, Aberdeenshire available here.

Scottish Night Championships

In an exclusive nopesport interview with Ben Rattray who runs for CLYDE, the M21L winner of the scottish night champs, nopesport asked ben what he thought of the event. (aussie accent) "I thought the event was awesome. The terrain was real good and shows that Scotland has world class terr...

Tinto Twin

The tinto twin results are available here.

WRE2004 Announced

IOF have revealed details of next years World Ranking events. The British Races are JK Days 1&2 and a North Gloucester NE, the classic race as part of the 0007 Weekend, also likely to be a selection race. for further details see

Kimm Results Available

KIMM 2003 results can be found here. Congratulations go to Ed Kelleher and Chris Sellens for winning the C course.

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