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How To Be Good At Orienteering

Now, orienteering is rightly described as one of the most weird and unknown sports activities in the world. However, orienteering is gradually gaining traction, and people are beginning to key into it to explore what it has on offer for them.

WOC 2015: Will it be Scotland?

With WOC 2011 due to get underway tomorrow, orienteers across the country will be backing the British team in France, but there is an added element to this year's World Championships which presents the need for crossed fingers, as the decision is made over who will host WOC 2015 - Scotland or Sweden.

Jon Tvedt Tribute video

Jon Tvedt Tribute to the legendary hill runner.

Orienteering in schools

Recent results from the School Sports Survey 2007/08, published by the Department for Culture, Media And Sport, has shown an increase in the number of schools offering orienteering to pupils, but is this increase filtering through to the clubs?

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