How To Be Good At Orienteering

 Now, just as it is in all forms of sports, there are particular skills that will make one better in the sports of orienteering. To be exceptionally good in the sports you have to understand and practice some tenets.


Get the Rightful Training

When you are starting off as a rookie, intern or a novice, you must ensure that you embark on varying trainings. This is because, most times, you will discover that most of the running you will be doing, will not happen on paths. The sports involves running through rough paths most of the time. You will also see yourself running up and down hills and steep slopes. To make sure you are ready for this, and to ensure that they will not draw you back, get involved in lots of resistance exercises from the onset. These will help to make your legs strong enough. Also embark on cardio exercises of different levels of intensity while on interval training. You can even practice on the hills. This will give you a very good practical knowledge of what to expect when on the field.

Perfect Your Map Reading Skills

One thing you must understand is that there is a very huge difference between these two situations. They include map reading on your couch in your home with a glass of wine and reading the map while you are running on very rough paths inside the bush. So, you have to learn how to read maps while in uncomfortable situations, and how to gather the highest possible amount of details from the map when you glance at it at intervals. You have to learn how to ensure that the map is leading to the direction you are running, through the instrumentality of a compass. That is why you have to master the art of glancing at the map at about 10 minutes intervals.

First of all, you have to learn how to hold a map if you want to be the best in this. The map is properly held by folding it and ensuring that the thumb of the holder is pointed to the last known position of the holder. Also, when holding the map, the holder must ensure that the entire distance that leads to the next control point is completely visible to them. You should also learn how to decipher the route that is the best for your next control point. The route that leads you through clear objects while on the move is always the best. Learn to pick out this. You should also master how to keep to your direction. You do this by always picking out a special feature far ahead of you to focus on.

Learn To Run Fast In the Bush

This makes you the best at orienteering at any point in time. You have to practice deeply, so as to master the art of running fast in the forest. The best way is to keep your gaze about 20m in front of you in a constant manner. This involves how to make the split second micro choices as you navigate the terrain. This will involve the seventh sense that will help you move through the worst kind of environments while the map is on your hand. It needs intense training to master this.

Lean How to Balance

Now, for you to be the best here, you must imbibe the skill of staying upright when on a rough terrain. This can only be achieved if you have good balance. You can master this through different types of exercises. People do this by throwing a medicine or ball between them and another person while they stand on one leg. There are some other exercises used to build balance. They will be important to this course too.

Analysis of Races after Running

People who achieve perfection in what they do are those who get back to analyze their performance after each session, so as to pick out their errors and strong points. This must be part of your training if you must work towards meaningful progress and future perfection. Get ideas from others about their challenges and how they managed them. Work more on your Achilles areas, and you will become better.

You should also understand that orienteering is more than just running. So, learn to slow down and learn before you apply excessive running skills. Again, you must learn how to make perfect use of the compass and how to run without it too. The latter is vital because anything can happen to your compass. Then, you will need to use only the features of the land you are running on.

The last of them all is, never give up because you are training and do not seem to be seeing the results. None of these happen in a split second. It takes a lot of time to master the skills and become good in orienteering. So, you have to shun procrastination, keep your hands on the plough and work till you are better than others.

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