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pics online

some new photos have been added to the party! section of the gallery, from snatch club last thursday. click the gallery button on the left to see them. as always we are still looking for photos for our first album in the orienteering section, "2003: a retrospective". if you would like to contribu...

Samples Arriving Soon

Nope clothing samples in the post.

Samsonites Picks

for the first in a new series of articles completely unrelated to orienteering, samsonite recovers from almost taking his finger off to type one handed for you to bring some culture to your hard training asses. he writes from the [nope] bunker deep under the burgh - "this week, i have been mo...

we want you photos

if you have any photos from 2003 that you would like to be featured in's first photo album, "2003:a retrospective", please contact thanx on pre-launch

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