O-ringen Update

Here are the best of the British results over the past few days
(Brits running for foreign clubs may be missed out)

Day 2
1st Liz Campbell D50
2nd Mhairi Mackenzie D20 Elite
2nd Pete Hodges Open Marathon
4th Joy Hodkinson D10
4th Kyle Heron H18 Long
6th Peter Hodkinson H13
6th Rhodri Buffet H16
6th Victoria Stevens D16
6th Ben Roberts H21-2
15th Irene Crawshaw D60
16th David Godfree H21 Short
16th Graham Gristwood H20 Elite
17th Tim Tett H40
17th Mark Saunders H45
18th James Tullie H18 Long
19th Elsie Hargreaves D55 Short
20th Alison O´Neil D20 Elite

5th Mhairi Mackenzie D20 Elite
5th Liz Campbell D50
5th Pete Hodges Open Marathon
7th Dave Godfree H21 Short
9th Elsie Hargreaves D55 Short
10th Alison O´Neil D20 Elite
11th Allan McLoed Open 4
12th Roy Malley H75
12th Cerys Manning D18 Elite
15th Graham Gristwood H20 Elite
16th Hollie Orr D15
16th Vincent Joyce H50
18th Joy Hodkinson D10
18th Stewart Caithness H21-2 (Barer of Stewarts SI card unknown)
20th Helen Winskill D21 Super Elite
20th Scott Fraser H18 Elite

1st Liz Campbell D50
5th Cerys Mannins D18 Elite
8th Kath Ivens D21 Short
8th Pete Hodges Open Marathon
8th Margo Bolland D65
9th Clive Parry H21-2 (running as Stewart Caitness)
9th Duncan Coombs H18 Long
10th Mhairi Mackenzie D20 Elite
10th Peter Hodkinson H13
11th Hollie Orr D15
12th Allan MacLoed Open 4
12th Elsie Hargreaves D55 Short
12th Irene Crawshaw D60
13th Mark Nixon H20 Elite
15th James Tullie H18 Long
15th Cathrine Taylor D15
15th Jilian Elder D18
18th Colin Olivant H20 Long
18th Joy Hodkinson D10
19th Rachael Elder D21 Elite

Overall Standings going into Day 5, the chasing start
1st Liz Campbell D50 -2:01
3rd Mhairi Mackenzie D20 Elite +20:18
3rd Pete Hodgegs Open Marathon +8:30
5th Duncan Coombs H18 Long +17:56
7th Joy Hodkinson D10 +14:20
7th David Godfree H21 Short +18:49
7th Cerys Manning D18 Elite +17:41
9th Peter Hodkinson H13 +11:59
10th Hollie Orr D15 +28:39
11th Ben Roberts H21-2 +20:46
11th Alison O´Neil D20 Elite +36:19
13th Graham Gristwood H20 Elite +30:59
14th Allan McLoed Open 4 +1:14:38
15th Tim Tett H40 +32:43
17th Irene Crawshaw D60 +34:31
17th Mark Saunders H45 +23:23
19th Helen Winskill D21 Super Elite +27:22
20th Charles B-G H40 Short +13:42
20th Elsie Hargreaves D55 Short +48:48

Good Luck, Köå

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