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We have a team entry for the citychase to give away. An adventure race in London in September -
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To decide who gets this entry we have decided to have a little competition. It is a promotional competition. The aim of the game is to take photographs of a graffiti message in the best place you can think of.

The best photograph wins. Examples, on a woman's chest, on the side of a ship, on a group of bald men's heads.

There are banners available for download which you can print out and use if you wish:



1. [nope], nope or must feature in the message

2. If you choose to paint graffiti on a building it must only be created using temporary materials such as chalk. No spray paint entries will win. If you dont own the building you must ask permission before going to work.

3. Dont put yourself or others in danger.

4. Be as controversial as you want.

5. You must be 18 or over on the day of the race.

Submission closes on the 30th of August. Please send photographs by email to pyrat {_[at]_} with the subject graffiti competition 2006.

Good Luck!


this wont win

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