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Having matured like a fine wine, it was with no pomp and great intoxication that we at celebrated our 2nd birthday today. With members having flown the nest to far flung places like Whistler, Glenmore and Dorridge, it was celebrated instead with a quiet meal and some asda cake (it's a shame Helen couldn't make us one this year) to mark the passing of another year of Nopesport.

In this time we've grown from just over 400 registered members to over 770 as well as having seen our daily visitor levels increase dramatically. We've given you banter at the JK, BUSA, 6 Days and Purple Thistle. You've given us an endless stream of debate, banter and inspiration.

So, where to next? We have great ambition and ideas for the next year and beyond. As ever, dear readers, if it wasn't for you it wouldn't be worth doing. So keep up the support, whether you contribute and post, or just sit on the sidelines and quietly muse, we appreciate you all.

Thank you for another fine year,
from all at [nope] HQ.


wattok is trying to grow a beard just like rocky's

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