Oringen - SE Prologue

Today saw the prologue of the 2004 super elite classes. The event took place in gotaplatsen, a park area in the centre of Gothenburg. The weather was overcast and big crowds turned up to watch the spectator friendly event.

Results from the men.

1. Tobias Noborn OK Orion 15:16
2. Valentin Novikov Delta 15:29
3. Peter Hemmyr Sodertalje-Nykvarn 15:57

11. Jamie Stevenson IFK Gothenburg 16:51
29. David Brickhill-Jones Halden 18:36

Peter Hemmyr ran very well, it is impressive to see him get a third.
Valentin the crazy Russian had a clean run apart from a 5 second mistake early in the course. He hopes to have good runs throughout the week and perform above his personal expectations.


1. Jenny Johansen Ultricehamns OK 17:21
2. Simone Nigglie-Luder Ultricehamns OK 17:28
3. Elin Dahlstedt Leksand OK 18:45

28. Jo Stevenson 21:34
31. Helen Winkill 21:49

Simone looked to be running very well throughout the course at spectator contols, leading a huge pack of women but could not fend off her clubmate Jenny.

Helen made a couple of errors which cost her a significant amount of time. We hope to see some exciting orienteering in the coming week.


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