Nopesport at the JK

Happy Easter everyone and that can only mean one thing the JK festival of orienteering. This year Nopesport is lucky to have an active role in this year’s proceedings.

Here is a selection of what we are involved in

Nope Stall

The Nope cartel has been given a stall in the JK Marquee. Please come and chat to us about what you like about Nopesport, give us any ideas you have and share your views on all things orienteering. Please also continue to support us by purchasing some of our fine range of merchandise including our new range of [nope] hoodies.


Nopesport has a small commentary spot on both days. Keep listening as we give a round up of the orienteering action and also learn about all nopesport updates.

Saturday Evening

The Nope cartel will be at the JK campsite providing entertainment for the youngsters. There is going to be 5 a side football, Frisbee and a campsite sprint race.

Sunday Evening

Sunday evening will see the banter evening with a line up to rival any major entertainment show this year! The nope cartel will be involved throughout to keep you amused all night.


Ben Roberts ( will be taking a number of photographs during the weekend. In order for you to take a personal memento from the JK a number of these photographs will be printed off and be on sale after the event. Details will follow soon.

Nopesport relies on user submitted articles. Got an inside scoop? An event review? Please submit it to us.


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