Ladies and gentlemen, may I take the honour of welcoming you to the brand-spanking new, version 3 of your favourite orienteering website,*. As you'll no doubt have noticed it looks a bit different! If its looking a bit ugly you probably need to refresh your cache, if you don't know how to do this you need to find youself a geek and bribe them with Wagon Wheels!

While you are no doubt being dazzled by the new features, please take a look around the rest of the site. Click features for some interesting new stuff from the [cartel] - catching features, editorials and more. 'Training' does exactly what it says on the tin - organise and advertise your training sessions with the help of the training bank and training diary features. Finally take a look at the shop. At the moment we have media packs and t-shirts for sale, the coolest apres-o wear around. Keep an eye on the shop for new wears, gear and nope-related paraphenalia!

So, we hope you like the new site. If you don't, tough. We do!

See you in the forums,


*so sue us

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