Middle Qualifier Report

Oli Johnson looking good on the run at the MQ

Its our first day at WOC, we arrived fresh! On the early am Ryanair flight, and went straight to the Middle Qualifier race venue to cheer on the Brits.

As you have seen from the results the predicted stars in the men’s and women’s qualified with ease. Novikov in particular just cruising into the finish with a 1min 12 lead. Jenny Johansson was loudly cheered in by the ‘Swedish Fan Club’ ran by Anders Holmberg & Martin Johansson, the Swedes were actually making some noise for the first time in WOC history. On the whole the WOC arena was very small with a Scottish O’ League pulling a bigger crowd. We expect things to improve for the finals when the big screens will be making an appearance along with home crowd support.

News from the GBR Camp – GG has dyed his hair a delicate shade of Ginger! Alison was feeling very happy after her qualifier yesterday and looking forward to running in some more runnable terrain in the final.

It is a rest day tomorrow, but the sprint stars will be out modelling their good looks around the model event. More news from the Nopesport Team – Pooley and Seamus when we have caught up on some sleep!

If you are looking for something to do in Vasteras - [url=http://www.naturarvskompaniet.se/]Beaver Safari[/url]

The 'Swedish Fan Club' making some noise

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