jk :: kristiansand & wing win


Kristiansand and Wing OK respectively took the men's and women's JK relay titles at Erridge Old Park today. Kristiansand took 1st by 3 minutes and 2nd spot just 30 seconds ahead of Edinburgh University for the JK Open Trophy. In the women's Trophy Wing OK finished a minute clear of South Yorkshire, with Sheffield University, Cleveland and Nydalens making up a top 5 separated by less than 3 minutes.

Kristiansand promised last week that they'd have 3 strong teams, Holgar Hott saying: "We will have a good chance with three different teams! We have three equally strong teams for this relay to make it a good exercise for the coming relays." This was certainly true as not only did they take 1st and 2nd, their third team finished in 7th place, expect a strong showing at Spring Cup and Tio Mila over the next month.

More to follow when our reporters return from the field, but you can find provisional results here, full results will be available when finalised.

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