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Action from Individual Day

The Scottish Individual Champs were held at Glen Dye, the venue of the last day at last year’s successful Scottish 6-Day near Banchory.

This year’s Scottish Champions are:

M10 Alexander Chepelin GRAMP
M12 Craig Thomson FVO
M14 Jack Barrett FVO
M16 Matthew Halliday OD
M18 Douglas Tullie
M20 Kyle Heron FVO
M21 Oleg Chepelin EUOC
M35 Jason Inman FVO
M40 Kenny Leitch SO
M45 Martin Dean FVO
M50 Eddie Harwood MOR
M55 Dave Armitage GRAMP
M60 Neil McLean GRAMP
M65 David Combe TAY
M70 Jim Clark ESOC
M75 Adrian Hope BASOC

W10 Evelyn Mason MAROC
W12 Rosalind Shepherd INVOC
W14 Joanna Shepherd INVOC
W16 Hazel Wright MAROC
W18 Hollie Orr CLYDE
W20 Kirsten Strain EUOC
W21 Alison O’Neil EUOC
W35 Lorna Eades INT
W40 Ann Haley INT
W45 Chris McLeod ESOC
W50 Hilary Quick MAROC
W55 Sheila Strain ELO
W60 Eleanor Pyrah ESOC
W65 Norma Coutts ESOC

Additional trophies were given out on the elite classes to:
Overall winner’s - Oleg Chepelin and Pippa Whitehouse;
Scottish Native champion – Murray Strain and Mhairi Mackenzie

Full Results

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