jk :: change to day 2


Nopesport has received a message from the organiser of JK Day two, informing us that there have been significant alterations to the terrain.
An Scout camp fire on the east edge of the forest was whipped out of control by the wind and spread into the forest. It took local firefighters nearly 24 hours to bring it under control, by which time it had spread over a significant proportion of the competition terrain.
While this could have put the JK in doubt, Health and Safety regulators have given the area the all clear for public access. The planner and controller have visited the terrain and are pleased to inform us that the fire has greatly improved runability in some areas, by removing the widespread bramble screen. The maps will be reprinted to reflect the changes to the terrain, as it is expected that not even the infamous Yorkshire brambles can grow back in the next two weeks.

While this represents significantly increased work for the organisers, they hope that competitors will be rewarded with a more pleasant competition.

For full information see the JK Website

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