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The Long Dark Nights Up North

Over the past few months, a group of dedicated athletes have been battling every weather condition imaginable, and some superbly planned courses through some of the best terrain the UK has to offer, to try and win the coveted title of ‘Deeside Night Cup Champion 2006’.

Last night time was up, the last course was run, the points were tallied and the winner was announced at a traditional British banquet (a curry in Banchory).

The last race was a cracker though, run in the Crathes Estate (that many of you would have camped at last year for the 6 days), it is a small area, great for head to head tussles in the day time, and a complex wee area for night orienteering.

The weather was again cold, snow was falling heavily, putting down a blanket all through the forest to cover any sign of a path or track, and with headlights on full, throwing back blinding reflections and flickers of red and blue, imitating the control reflectors!

As the nights are drawing out, the starts were delayed to almost 7pm, and then the racers were off, the course, planned by Donald Grassie was fun and challenging, (even to people who live just up the road) and caused many problems for everyone. With times not much under 10mins/km the race was tight, with Jon Musgrave just edging the win from Paul Hague, however Jon had been CAUGHT and PASSESD twice by Sarah Dunn! Bruce Duncan made some small errors and got caught by Paul, but eventually managed to pull a minute clear, but not clear enough.

After everyone had changed/got controls, we headed for the curry, to meet Callum Coombs idly sipping on an ice cold drink, happy in the knowledge that having not run (due to a cold) he was untouchable as leader.

The curry came (eventually) and much merriment was had, then the time came for the prizes. Callum picked up DNC Winner (along with the title of best (and only) junior), Muzza was just 3 points behind, followed by Doug Guy, and Sarah was first lady (finishing 4th overall).

In the short, Steve Spencer took the honours (and also the most committed, having raced at 11 out of 12 events, and planning the other)

Musgrave announced a new category of Super Vet, and we thought he was just doing this to give himself another prize, but this went to Ben Preece (just a couple of years older than Jon).

All in all it was a world class series, the courses were all fun and challenging, with Trustach and Balnogowan coming out as the top planned races

The racers have now all gone into hibernation awaiting the start of next years series, where points will be available to the planner for the first time, (some people mentioned planning all 12, guaranteeing victory!!!)

Until next year.
Good night and good bye from the DNC

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