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With 2006’s best weekend of orienteering cancelled a frenzy of activity north of the border saw the swift planning at secret venues of a replacement for the JOK chasing sprint.

The competition - No Holds Barred – (sanctioned by Jesus Orienteering Klub as the official alternative to the JOK chasing sprint) maintained the two race chasing sprint format but introduced new dimensions with a mass start gaffled first race and a move to a different venue for the casing final.
BUSA Planner Andy Kitchin was dragged out of retirement to put together well received courses using 3 distinct types of great technical terrain. “Bloody marvellous” someone was heard saying.

Both the men’s and the Women’s races were hotly contested. In round one after completely separate gaffles Oleg Chepelin headed Mark Nixon by a mere 13 seconds. The margin between the leading woman Jess Halliday and Lucy Jepson was not much larger at 18 seconds.

After a quick drive up the road and some nifty control hanging the chasing final was ready to run. Mixed open forest and clearings with good contour detail made for a great orienteering challenge, the looping course was planned to keep competitors crossing one another’s paths, keeping the race alive, whilst avoiding the chance to follow.

Reversal was the order of the day for the final, Nixon passed Chepelin to win by 38 seconds, third place went to Stuart “Map of the Month” Caithness. Jepson overhauled Halliday taking the victory by 42 seconds, with Jane Forest in third. In the men’s a second race was taking place between Dan Halliday, James Tullie and Ed Nicolas. Separated by 62 seconds Nicolas put in a storming final to overhaul his rivals and lead home to fourth place by almost a minute. In the battle between the mustelidae and the over 40s Graeme Ackland was victorious catching and passing his pied, nocturnal rival. Peter G brought the competition to a close with a fine run, faster than some four legged burrowing, tuberculosis infested animals I might mention. Brooner took some photos.

Barrs sponsored the prizes providing copious Irn Bru at retail prices.
A great day was had by all, roll on the next cancellations.


Good day out had by all

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