Fantasy :: UK Cup for 2006


Fantasy UK Cup for 2006

Support the British Squad by taking part in the Fantasy UK Cup. The British Orienteering Squad support fund offers small grants to athletes with World Class potential who come up with their own plan for self-organised training camps. This fund has in the past helped young orienteers to push themselves further, contributing to the medal-winning success of our current team. In 2005 several potential stars received grants, and applications are currently being considered for 2006. To maintain the ability to help our athletes, the support fund is running the Fantasy UK Cup.

What is the Fantasy UK Cup?

Fantasy UK Cup is an orienteering game in a similar vein to games run in newspapers such as Fantasy Football. You choose a team of 10 orienteers then sit back and let them rack up points for you. At any point during the game you can make transfers if your team isn't performing as well as you would like, and at the end of the season, the team with the most points wins. But remember - some of the top runners may live abroad or not go to all the races - so use all your knowledge and choose your team wisely. You may find some valuable information in CompassSport. You will be able to follow your team's progress on the web and in CompassSport. There will also be updates sent out by email after each race.

Why should I enter?

Your £3 entry fee will go towards improving the future of British orienteering. There will also be prizes for the top 3 teams and the top junior.

Any donations for prizes will be gratefully accepted.

How do I enter?

Just choose your team in accordance with the rules either enter online (from 1st February) or complete the entry form below. All entrants must send a cheque to the address below made payable to "British Orienteering Squad Support Fund". If you have any queries please email me at (NB please do not email entries). Entries will only be recognised on receipt of payment

List of orienteers can be found here
UK Cup homepage


Orienteers ranked between 1 and 4, based on last years UK Cup, current Ranking Lists and the current British Squad
You must choose a team of 5 men and 5 women
The total rank of your team must be 22 or more
Scoring based on UKCup scoring system During the season, you may make 2 changes to your team (eg. If one of your team gets injured), but the total rank must still be over 22 (changes can be made online)

An Example Team

103 Matt Crane 1
201 Duncan Archer 2
210 Neil Northrop 2
309 Ian Nixon 3
314 Chris Sellens 3

161 Helen Winskill 1
262 Cath Wilson 2
253 Becky Carlyle 2
360 Amy Sarkies 3
351 Christine Currie 3
Team total 22

The first races are on the 18th and 19th of March, but please enter early.You will start scoring points as soon as I receive your entry. Full list of events on the UK Cup website
UK Cup homepage

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