csc :: final - OD & FVO Win


This year’s Compass Sport Cup culminated in a thrilling final held at Clowbridge, Burnley, with Octavian Droobers winning the Cup and Forth Valley winning the Trophy.

SELOC put on a decent event on a fairly small area, though the run-in could have been better placed with the only route to club’s tents passing down the run-in – many a shout was to be heard from incoming runners and organisers to move out of the way.

Clowbridge consisted of open fell with tussocks and short grass which led to fast times, especially as the remains of dry-stone walls were very obvious and helped navigation a lot. The course winners were completing their courses in very fast times, nearly 5mins/km in many cases.

A number of people claimed that the courses much resembled cross-country races, hardly surprising considering the number of people on the area combined with the small tracks which appeared in the grass and the lack of technical areas and route choice. Even so, the winners had to be accurate, and lower down the results any mistake was costly as times were compact due to the large number of people on some courses (most courses had more than 100 people on them!)

Octavian Droobers superiority was obvious with many people finishing near the top of results, including a win for M21 Graham Gristwood, completing the Brown course in 46 mins, although GG was beaten by 3 mins by FVO’s Nick Barrable. Unsurprisingly Heather Monro came out on top on the Women’s Blue course, but despite being backed up in 2nd place by Abi Weeds her SLOW club could only finish 5th.

Final Results (provisional):
1 OD 2082
2 BOK 2063
3 AIRE 2059
4 NOC 2000
5 SLOW 1992
6 MDOC 1980
7 SO 1921
8 DVO 1739
9 EBOR 1580

1 FVO 1260
2 SARUM 1223
3 WCOC 1153
4 SWOC 1144
5 ERYRI 1136
6 SOS 1129
7 ESOC 1106
8 HALO 918
9 GO 904
10 INT 867

For full results and splits visit the SELOC website


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