WUOC Sprint Results


Pippa Whitehouse has continued GBR's good form in the ladies races with a top class 9th place in Pilsen today. Mhairi Mackenzie took 16th in the same class while Ewan was top lad with 21st in the mens race and Allan Bogle will surely be disapointed with 44th place.

Norwegian sprint specialist Oystein Kvaal Osterbo took the gold with 14:42 for the 3.2km course while the Czech women matched their football team with a clean sweep of the medals.

The GBR performance was marred however by disqualifications from Ed Nash and Rachael Elder. The courses hade over 20 controls and one can only assume they were all quite close together. It can be all to easy to skip a code in the heat of the moment!

Results here.
Middle Distance tomorrow.


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