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Scottish Park-O Championships

There are some people not many, but around 5% of those in Deeside last week- who just could not find enough flags, and given the opportunity of a flag-finding break insisted on carrying on at the first ever* Scottish Park-O Championships

Ably organised and plannedby Ali Robertson and Kate Penny in Hazlehead Park the course was a great test of high-speed orienteering, with fast grass running, intricate maze gardens, a ghost-town caravan park and even a game of rugby to be negotiated.

Nick Barrable put his international sprint experience to good use to take the open win, beating Norwegian Anders Einum by 12 seconds. Bruce Duncan, who won the mtb-o earlier in the day pipped Oleg Chepelin by 1 second for the bronze.

Rachael Elder of ShUOC managed to hold off the threats from junior Ruth Holmes and Becky Carlyle to win the womens race, while there were class wins for Peter Ford (Jmen), Karen DHarreville (JWmn), Inara Gipsle (VetW) and Patrick Smyth (VetM)


*OK, not the first ever, but hopefully the first regular.

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