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Dear Orienteering Friends

The Scientific Journal of Orienteering is the officially published journal of the IOF (International Orienteering Federation) for scientific research about Orienteering. It has been issued for more than 20 years so far presenting original and review articles on topics from sports medicine to training, sports psychology, pedagogics and environmental questions related to Orienteering.

The Scientific Journal of Orienteering has previously been published in a print version twice a year by Roland Seiler and later Toni Held and Torgny Ottosson. They have now handed over the honourable editorial job to me. To adapt the Scientific Journal of Orienteering to time and to save time as well as money, the printing issue is stopped by now. However, an online version that is available for free, is newly published on the internet at The Scientific Journal Homepage. To provide a scientifically good level of articles, an Editorial Board will be elected to preread and review the articles that are handed in.

The first online issue is planned for September 1, 2005. Therefore,we are currently looking for articles to publish.

If you have done scientific research related to Orienteering please hand in your manuscript, as an original article, a review or a case report article. Furthermore, if you have already published a paper about Orienteering in another journal, but it would make sense to publish it also in the Scientific Journal of Orienteering, please contact us, so that we may publish it as a re-print.

You can hand in your manuscript every time, but best is as soon as possible. For the first issue (September 1th), contributions are welcome until end of july 05.

To make the Scientific Journal of Orienteering more known among all interested authors or readers, please forward this email to all scientists, physicians, trainers and other people who are interested in scientific research about Orienteering.

Please help us continuing the success of the Scientific Journal of Orienteering in the future. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

and: have a look at The Scientific Journal Homepage

Best O-greetings
Andr Leumann

Andr Leumann
Lothringerstrasse 98
4056 Basel
Orthopaedic Department
University Hospital of Basel
Spitalstrasse 21
4031 Basel
+4179 657 4168

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