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After a closely fought lead swapping battle between this year's two top teams, it was ShUOC who got the upper hand in the end over EUOC at the Harvester Relays. The results tell much of the story of the race, with the chasing team getting the upperhand on each leg as the race came to an exciting climax, Sex Club 7's Oli Johnson overcoming the Secret Seven's Murray "Peter" Strain's marginal lead to take ShUOC to victory by just under 3 minutes. A further 7 minutes behind were SYO who were always just slightly behind the leading two teams throughout the race. Behind them another lead switching battle for 4th place ensued between NOC & Clyde with the former winning out. This left the standings for the UKRL the same as the results of the harvester: ShUOC 1st, EUOC 2nd, SYO 3rd.

In the women's race it was SYO who won from OD to make it an unbeatable 3 victories in the UKRL. Jennys Peel & Whitehead on 4th & 5th legs opening up a big gap for victory. B Course victors, ahead of the SYO team, were EUOC's Famous Five thanks to a storming Dick Mitchell 4th leg run while 3rd place and the Junior Trophy winners were Southdowns.

Trophy Winners Rundown
Relay A Trophy winners:

Open: SHUOC Sex club 7
Handicap: MDOC The Cream of Manchester
Small Club: EUOC Blytons Secret Seven
(first team not in 1st three in last five years)

Relay B Trophy winners

Women's: SYO Women All Stars
Women's Handicap: AIRE Owls
Junior: SO Young
Handicap: EBOR Nettles

Full Results

Many thanks to HALO for a fantastic competition.

Full Report to follow when we've got some sleep!!!

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