event::british trail'o champs


Along with the frantic competitive racing of the British elite classic and relay championships, the equally competitive British Trail'O Championships were also being held.
Overall the results went as follows:
1st place went to Northern Irelands' Alan Gartside of Lagan Valley Orienteers with 18points meaning no wrong answers. Anne Braggins of WAOC took second with 17 points and Rachel Cooper of SOC took 3rd after timed controls were taken into account.

Full results can be found here

For those who do not know what Trail'O is:

Trail-O is a competition which tests map reading skills. The competitor visits a series of designated decision points along a trail from which may be seen up to 5 control kites (standard O-kites). The competitor must decide using the detail from the map, the control description, and the placement of the control circle which of the visible control sites is the correct one. It is possible that at some of the decision points none of the visible kites is correct. The visible kites are designated, from left to right, A to E. There are lettered boxes on the control card which are punched to specify the competitors decision and a box marked O for use if the decision is that none of the visible kites corresponds with the control circle on the map. For each correct answer a score of 1 is awarded and as a tie-breaker two of the controls are timed. At these points the clock begins when that site map is placed in the competitors hands and stops when the answer is given verbally. There is a time limit of 60 seconds for each timed control. For an incorrect answer a time penalty of 60 seconds is added to the time taken at the control. The competitor with the least recorded time for the timed control(s) is deemed the winner where a decision is required as the result of a tie. (source: SWOAs' BOC trail programme)

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