Turku Sprint Relay


Turun Suunistajat, one of the biggest and most successful orienteering clubs in the world, is celebrating its 50th birthday this year with 50 different races.

One of these was the new Turku-Sprint Relay, the format being teams of three, one female and two males with courses of 1.5km. Each runner ran twice to give a 6-leg relay.
While this is not a new format of race, since its a fairly common feature on many training weekends, its probably the highest profile event to use it.

In the actual event the winners were Mullerrice OK, the couple of Super Noodles and Mr Noodles completed with Andreas Mueller. They took the lead from Halden on the Second leg when Super Noodles beat Maria Hoffman. Not even the sprinting prowess of BJesus could get it back for Halden and they eventually had to settle for 5th.

The event seems to have been a moderate success but one has to note there were not many teams taking part. Of course it was a wednesday evening, the night before the biggest midweek race in the world, and there were more teams than in most UK Relay league events, and several hundred Euros worth of prizes up for grabs!

Turku Sprint Relay Results


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