bof::anti-doping procedures


For all Elite class competitors

In the new UK Sport Anti-Doping and Drugs test programme anyone running an "elite" class at any event in the UK or anywhere around the world is classed as "Level 3" and can be subject to an in competition drugs test. It is your responsibility to check that your medications are not on the banned list. If they are you need to get a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) form, available from BOF, signed by a doctor, it is not good enough just to declare the drugs when you are tested.

If you are planning to run any Elite courses this year, it is worth checking the UK Sport Drug Information Database
and if neccessary obtaining a TUE which you need to take to any event where you are running an elite course. You are responsible for anything in your system. Failure to account for banned medication with a TUE can result in a doping violation.

The GB Squad are all classed as "level one or two athletes" and will therefore be required to provide whereabouts data to UK Sport and/or the IOF via a new database so that testers can find them for no advance notice out of competition drugs tests.

To to sumarise: if you are entering ANY Elite race this year it is your own responsibility to ensure that anything you put in your body is legal!

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