West Midlands Championships

Today saw the West Midlands Championships hosted by Wrekin Orienteers at their colour coded (sorry, district) event held at Shobdon Hill Woods. Ifor Powell won the 8km Brown course in a time of 69:16 with the 330m of climb obviously slowing times down. Closest class of the day was M16 with Walton Chasers' Mikey Hopkins pipping Robert Farrington by just 7 seconds to win the 4.2km green course in a time of 37:40. Another close class was in M70 where only 32 seconds seperated Peter Bayliss of Wrekin from Chasers' Bob Strophair on the light green. M70 infact proved to be a more popular class than most of the junior courses with 7 competitors. OD's Jo & Jess Halliday made it a family double winning W16 & 18 respectively meaning OD went home with 14 of the champions while WCH had 7, HOC 4 and WRE 2.

West Midlands Champions:

M10 Matthew Elkington OD
M12 Ben Ross OD
M14 Robert Gardner OD
M16 Mikey Hopkins WCH
M21 Chris McSweeny HOC
M35 Alan Williams WCH
M40 Alex Morgan HOC
M45 Barry Elkington OD
M50 Geff Trewin HOC
M55 Bob Brandon OD
M60 Brian Morris WRE
M65 Colin Spears HOC
M70 Peter Bayliss WRE
M75 Frank Smith OD

W10 Hannah Webb WCH
W12 Harriet Batten OD
W14 Heather Hartmann HOC
W16 Joanna Halliday OD
W18 Jessica Halliday OD
W35 Lesley Ross OD
W40 Melanie Elkington OD
W45 Elizabeth Furness OD
W50 Liz Urquhart OD
W55 Sheila Carey OD
W60 Jane Christopher WCH
W65 Seonaid Dudley WCH
W70 Barbara Bradley WCH
W75 Pamela Emberton WCH

Full Results available here with splits available here.

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