Fylingdales National

CLOKs National Event was marred by the malfunctioning of an S.I. unit, and due to the nature of the event (i.e. it was a national event) it was the controllers decision to disqualify those who could not prove they had been to the control site. The official quote from CLOKs website is

Note: After very wide consultation and full consideration of all the arguments and counter-arguments, the Organiser has decided that those competitors who were unable to prove that they had visited control #175 will be disqualified. When an SI box is not working, using the attached pin-punch to punch the competitor's map provides proof of having visited that control. Telling the person on duty at the Finish that the SI box has failed is not acceptable proof.

The weather held out, which was a main worry after the problems experienced with the last big event in this area of the country (BOC 04), and despite a severe lack of elite competitors on the M/W21 courses, the veteran and junior classes were packed out with some of the countrys top orienteers.

Fylingdales was a new area on the northern side of the North York Moors, and is always a delight to run in, although the heather can be quite demanding at times. The winners were those who could power through the terrain without slowing too much, and mistakes proved to be costly. Class winners were:

M10A Zachary Field MDOC
M12A Duncan Birtwistle CLARO
M14A George Stevens AIRE
M16A Ross Thistlethwaite LOC
M18A Oystein Langberg EBOR
M20L Richard Bean UDOC
M21E John Hartley WSX
M21L John Sammut MEROC
M35L John Emeleus CLYDE
M40L Clive Hallett BOK
M45L Christopher Wright CLOK
M50L Michael Napier NOC
M55L Andy Hemsted HOC
M60L Michael Pearson WCOC
M65L Dick Amour INVOC
M70L Alan Heron SELOC
M75L Roy Malley NATO

M10B Davy Ker AIRE
M14B Richard Jones AIRE
M20S Matthew Jordan CLOK
M21S Chris Lee WCH
M35S Tony Udris EBOR
M40S John Wootton AIRE
M45S Stephen Bingham MDOC
M50S Graham Todd EBOR
M55S Terence Unsworth CLOK
M60S Bob Alderson NOC
M65S Stan Johnston LOC
M70S John Bedwell CLOK
M75S Maurice Collett SROC

W10A Oban Lewsley BL
W12A Florence Haines AIRE
W14A Alice Leake EBOR
W16A Vicky Stevens AIRE
W18A Rachel Friederich AIRE
W20L Sarah Hutton UDOC
W21E Heather Monro SLOW
W21L Fiona Forrest HALO
W35L Stella Lewsley BL
W40L Wendy Billing SYO
W45L Sarah Haines AIRE
W50L Hilary Bloor SYO
W55L Barbara Majumdar DEE
W60L Pauline Ward DVO
W65L Ruby Campbell CHIG
W70L Verena Johnston LOC

W10B Gemma King AIRE
W12B Emily Wood AIRE
W20S Morag McNiven UDOC
W21S Gillian Findlay ESOC
W35S Rachel Farnworth CLOK
W40S Louise Dunn EBOR
W45S Christine Robinson SLOW
W50S Alison Elder CLOK
W55S Katherine Hill AIRE
W60S Penny Hemsted HOC

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