Southern Night Champs

The Southern Night Champs were held at West Woods, near Marlborough, by SLOG this weekend. A large contingent from the Army were on hand to compete in the Army championships, and as a result many of the age classes were slightly less well attended. Even so, Clive Hallett (BOK) put in a fine performance on the M21L to win by over 5 minutes from Paul Couldridge (BAOC), whilst running just under 7-mins/km in the process. In W21L Christine Currie (SOC) won by nearly 5 mins from CROCs Alison High. Fastest runner of the night however went to Dave Rollins (BAOC), competing in the Army Championships, who was running 30 seconds a km quicker than anyone else on the night. Southern Night Champions are listed below.

M16A David Abrams GO
M18A Joe Taunton NGOC
M21L Clive Hallett BOK
M21S Richard Kromhout DEVON
M35L Darrell High CROC
M35S Phil Davies SLOG
M40L Neil Crickmore SO
M40S Martin Skinner SN
M45L Andy Creber BOK
M45S John Fallows NGOC
M50L Andy Robinson SLOW
M50S Neil Underwood SARUM
M55L Jim Prowting TVOC
M55S Andy Thornton SARUM
M60L Dudley Budden BOK
M60S Bernard Pullen KERNO
M65L Arthur Boyt KERNO
M70L David Parkin BOK
M75L Ron Ley SARUM

W16A Stefanie Blomquist BAOC
W21L Christine Currie SOC
W35L Sarah Louise Francis SN
W40L Julie CLeary LOK
W45L Jackie Hallett BOK
W45S Barbara Lugton GO
W50L Nicola Thornton SARUM
W55L Julianna Grant MV
W60L Freda Peirce SARUM
W60S Pat Hart SARUM
W70L Anne Donnell BOK

Full Results

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