Cambridge Sprint-O

Every year, just as its starting to get a bit nippy, students of all ilk gather in the forests near Cambridge for a bit of a party, and a little o race. Its an interesting format of a race, a sort of knockout run on loop courses which usually leads to fights and sprint finishes as the the masses are whittled down to a final four.

Usually, but not always! This year the winners look pretty clear cut, Matt Crane and Cerys Manning both winning every round. There wern't even any controversial 'early baths'. How dull.

The fun racing is soon over which leads into the more serious matter of the legendary Alc-O. However the details of this race are probably best left unreported, for the benefit of those of a nervous disposition!

(ie this nopesport reporter spent the weekend running around in scotland, so doesn't actually know what happened this year!)

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