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BEOC Classic Race

Ed Nash managed to produce another top run to retain his title as British Elite Classic Champion, with Jon Duncan finishing 2nd for the second time in 2 years, though showing that his performance the day before was a minor blip. Duncan paid for an early mistake, losing a couple of minutes on the second control where the course entered the detailed sand-dune part of the area, as he finished just 2.20 behind Nash. Helen Winskill continued her impressive run of form by taking her second title of the weekend, with last years classic champion Jenny Whitehead just 44 seconds behind.

The venue for the races was Lossie, one of last years areas for the successful Scottish 6-Days, and the crowds were blessed with similar sunny conditions. The planners got the distances almost perfect, with Nash taking the mens race in a time of 85.21 for the 14.8km, and Winskill winning the womens race in a time of 78.29 for 10.7km. The courses involved a number of spectator controls, with runners passing through the assembly field at least twice, including a map exchange. With fairly high temperatures this was a great addition to the courses as it meant runners could leave their own specific drinks and snacks at the control sites and pick them up as they passed through. The elite courses made the most of the area, with a number of short legs in the highly complex dunes which caught out a number of people, particularly at the end of the courses, and these were interspersed with legs through the moraine terrain which was deceptively energy-sapping.

BEOC Classic

1. Ed Nash KNOBOC 85.21
2. Jon Duncan GRAMP 87.41
3. Duncan Archer HH 90.25

1. Helen Winskill SYO 78.29
2. Jenny Whitehead SYO 79.13
3. Gillian Godfree INT 82.20

This weekend was also the conclusion of the UK Cup, and prizes were presented to eventual winners Ed Nash and Helen Winskill, both having already won titles on the day as well. For further details see separate UK Cup report, coming soon.

Full results available here

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