York City Park Race

This year’s York City race took place completely round the streets round the city centre, on a beautiful summer’s day, complete with hundred’s of tourists making running in a straight line a bit more of a challenge. A lot of publicity had gone into the event, with radio broadcasts, full page reviews in the local paper and press photographers taking pictures of local stars, and this was helped by a large band of helpers on hand to provide information to the local tourist’s who showed an interest, and an efficient prizegiving was held with the help of local performers PA equipment. A number of non-orienteers took part as well, completing the 1.5km course which had been set up for this purpose. As for the race itself, the courses combined short legs using small paths and alleyways, with long legs to stretch the legs out. In the men’s race it was GB Squad member Oli Johnson (SYO) who took 1st place, winning by 40 seconds from Leeds Uni student Niall Bourke (AIRE). Niall was very pleased with this having damaged his ankle ligaments at last week’s UK Cup races. Local star Matt Speake (EBOR) took 3rd place admitted that he just wasn’t fast enough. Mark Saunders (BOK) won the Veteran’s men title, who took advantage of the clear streets by getting an early start time.
In the women’s race it was another GB Squad member who took the title, as Helen Winskill (SYO) completed the course less than 5mins behind the leading men. Jenny Whitehead (SYO) finished just 18 seconds behind team-mate Helen, which equates to being just one second per control behind! And a good run from Clare Leventon completed an SYO top 3. Alice Bedwell (BOK) made sure that BOK took home both veteran titles, again taking advantage of the early start and quiet streets.
The C course was won by Nopesport addict Peter Bown (NOC), just beating first junior boy Stuart Hooton of EBOR by 10 seconds. The D course was won by EBOR’s Fionne Austin, 4mins ahead of first junior girl Jenny Thornton from CLOK.

Course A 4.9km
1. Oli Johnson SYO 22.24
2. Niall Bourke AIRE 23.04
3. Matt Speake EBOR 23.20

Course B 4.9km
1. Helen Winskill SYO 27.14
2. Jenny Whitehead SYO 27.32
3. Clare Leventon SYO 29.36

Course C 2.6km
1. Peter Bowen NOC 16.04
2. Stuart Hooton EBOR 16.14
3. John Butler HALO ?

Course D 2.6km
1. Fionne Austin EBOR 17.27
2. Jenny Thornton CLOK 21.53
3. Heather Percy EBOR 23.08

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