The meercat that had tunnelled through into the Children's Play Area had hordes of visitors today, as SOL3 visited the Auchengarrich Wildlife Centre at Mill of Fortune. The Interloper's event had 390 competitors, a very high number for a SOL, who were later spotted basking happily in the sunshine after their courses. The string course was very popular, with several competitors having lots of runs round it, trying to beat their previous best time.

Thank you very much to Ben and Heather Hartman for planning, to Pat Squire for ably organising and to Mike Atherton for controlling - not that we had many problems for him to sort out! :-)) Thank you also very much to all the Interlopers who helped out.

Prizes were donated by Auchengarrich Wildlife Centre and by Scottish O Tours, for which we are very grateful. Anyone who has still to collect their prize, please contact Gillian Godfree (0131 667 9747 before 9pm)

Prize Winners:
All junior classes: A family day ticket to Auchengarrich Wildlife Centre.

JM1 – Jack Gomersall GRAMP
JM2 – Mark Haley INT
JM3 – Tal Ramsay ELO
JM4 – Patrick Low MAROC
JM5M – Andrew Rogan MOR
JM5L – Duncan Coombs MAROC

JW1 – Frances Wright MAROC
JW2 – Rosalind Shepherd INVOC
JW3 – Lisa Petrie CLYDE
JW4 – Hazel Wright MAROC
JW5S – Hollie Orr CLYDE
JW5L – Fiona Berrow ECKO

M21L – Patrick Walder CLYDE £30 Donated by Scottish O Tours
W21L – Claire Ward INT £30 Donated by Scottish O Tours
The first junior on W21L Alison O’Neil EUOC £20 from Scottish O Tours

M35L – Steve Nicholson FVO Bottle of Whisky
W35L – Rona Molloy FVO Sunglasses from the Royal Bank of Scotland

M40L – Dave Robertson CLYDE Bottle of Whisky
W40L – Jane Ackland INT Smartwool Hiking Socks

M45L – Martin Dean FVO Gelert Walkstool
W45L – Hilary Quick MAROC Red Johnston’s Cashmere Scarf

M50L – Eddie Harwood MOR Gelert Walkstool
W50L – Lynne Walker ECKO Leveret Sparkling Wine

M55L – Eddie Harvey ESOC Tiso Voucher
W55L – Anne Stevenson ESOC Grey Johnston’s Cashmere Scarf

M60L – Ray Walder INVOC Gelert Walkstool
W60L – Norma Coutts ESOC Tiso Voucher

M65L – Dick Amour INVOC Smartwool Hiking Socks
W65L – Seonaid Robertson SOLWAY Book “Explore Britain”

M70L – Bill Gauld ESOC Book “Explore Britain”
W70L – Lillian Davidson INVOC Book “Explore Britain”

All winners of the Short classes received a book – “Explore Britain – 30 Scenic Drives”.


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