UK Cup overall standings

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We have now had 5 rounds of this year’s UK cup, and we already have a few people pulling away in the overall standings. However, with not even half of the races having taken place, nothing is certain at all.

In the men’s, a good couple of runs from last year’s British Elite Classic race champion Ed Nash have left him nearly 60 points clear overall. With only a handful of runners having competed in all 5 races, these competitors obviously figure high up. Neil Northrop produced a couple of steady runs to leave him in 3rd place, and Neil Conway was another who has benefited from having been to every race (though it is likely that the JOK sprint result will NOT be one of his 6 scoring runs). Neil is also the leading veteran, and he looks in a strong position to maintain his position from last year as leading non-M21. Youngster Matt Speake seems to be keeping up the hard training in Scandinavia with a couple of top 10 runs, leaving him in 2nd place despite having only done 4 races. Jez Edwards and Matt Crane are also in the top 5 overall, again, with only 4 races under their belts. Jamie Stevenson is already in 12th place having only done 2 races, though whether he races any more UK cup races this season remains to be seen. Nicholas Morgan is another young-gun training hard out in Scandinavia, a couple of very impressive runs at the JK see him in 18th place after just 2 runs. Last year’s UK Cup Champion Jon Duncan has yet to run a UK Cup race this season, though with 6 races left, he can still get maximum points if he wins the remaining events! Leading junior at present is David Hodkinson, though having only competed in 3 events, still has plenty more events to pull further away. Graham Gristwood, however, will surely be in contention to hold onto his title from last year as leading junior.

In the women’s, Helen Winskill’s 2nd day win at the JK ensured she is heading the UK Cup competition after the first 5 races. But with 3 others having also won UK Cup races this year, the competition is the most open for some time. Hannah Wooton’s impressive 1st and 2nd place at the weekend will surely make her one of the favourites for overall UK Cup champion this year. Rachael Elder, Helen Palmer and Mhairi Mackenzie (the leading junior) make up the rest of the top 5, all of whom have competed in all 5 races so far this season. Sarah Rollins, Jenny Whitehead and Claire Ward are just behind the leading pack, all 3 having only competed in 4 races, but having amassed some impressive UK Cup points already. Jo Stevenson is another who is placed highly despite having only her JK runs scoring in the UK Cup series, and should she decide to compete in some more domestic races will be another to watch at the top end of results this year.

Unofficial UK Cup scores after the JK are thus:


1. Ed Nash 225 (from 5 races)
2. Matt Speake 166 (4)
3. Neil Northrop 154 (5)
4. Jez Edwards 150 (4)
5. Matt Crane 148 (4)
6. Neil Conway 148 (5)
7. Mike Sprot 129 (5)
8. Patrick Walder 127 (5)
9. Martin Stepanek 121 (4)
10. Allan Bogle 114 (4)
11. Andy Preston 100 (4)
12. Jamie Stevenson 97 (2)
13. Roger Goddard 95 (5)
14. Andy Etherden 95 (4)
15. David Hodkinson 94 (4)
16. Andy Kitchin 94 (3)
17. Rob Baker 90 (3)
18. Nicholas Morgan 90 (2)
19. Oli Johnson 86 (3)
20. David Sprot 85 (5)


1. Helen Winskill 224 (from 5 races)
2. Hannah Wooton 215 (5)
3. Rachael Elder 196 (5)
4. Helen Palmer 194 (5)
5. Mhairi Mackenzie 175 5)
6. Sarah Rollins 172 (4)
7. Jenny Whitehead 169 (4)
8. Claire Ward 161 (4)
9. Laura Daniel 155 (5)
10. Janine Hensman 147 (4)
11. Aislinn Austin 133 (5)
12. Toni O’Donovan 125 (4)
13. Kim Buckley 118 (3)
14. Alison O’Neill 100 (3)
15. Jenny James 99 (3)
16. Karen Heppenstall 96 (5)
17. Jo Stevenson 86 (2)
18. Christine Currie 86 (4)
19. Alice Bedwell 82 (4)
20. Becky Kingdon 75 (3)

Helen winskill beoc 03

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