Scottish Team For LTU 2

SOA have announced their selected team for the away leg of the Scotland vs Lithuania match, to be played at the Vilnius 3-Days from 7-9th May.

It is:


Mhairi MacKenzie
Fiona Berrow


Gillian Godfree
Hazel Dean
Lorna Eades
Lisa Brown
Kirsty Bryan-Jones
Jo Stevenson?

Reserve: Heather Hartman

Note Claire Ward, Janine Hensman and Sarah Dunn not available.


Oleg Chepelin
Scott Fraser


Dan Marston
Neil Marston
Dave Godfree
Ewan McCarthy
Murray Strain
Ben Rattray

Reserves: Patrick Walder, Tim Lenton, Ben Hartman

Note: Jamie Stevenson and Jon Musgrave not available.

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