Carnethy 5 Hill Race


The Carnethy Five Hills race took place yesterday (14th Feb). Nopesport
interviewed some local orienteers who competed in the event.

Jethro Lennox ( 48:39 ) (Mens)
Angela Mudge ( 55:20) (Womens)

Mark S Interview:
Nopesport: How did you find the race today mark?

Mark: I left my flat in my running gear and got a daysaver. Jogged from
penucuik and stumbled upon the start.

Nopesport: What was your favourite moment?

Mark: Running at the start in battle formation. There were five hundred
of us, and it felt just like a battle charge!

Nopesport: aboosh!
Mark: aboosh!

Nopesport: Anything to add?
Mark: I thought the days racing was great value for money! (price of a

Nopesport: Thanks for your time.

Oleg Chepelin interview
Nopesport: How did you find the race today oleg?
Oleg: I got a lift from Mhairi's mother then a free bus took us to the

Nopesport: What did you THINK about the race today?
Oleg: It was good. There were five hills. Do you think there is a junior
prize for the main race?

Nopesport: No!

Results are available here.


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