Interland - England Victory

Very early on the morning of National Event 1 the cream of European orienteering, Belgium and Holland were competing in the annual Interland Competition. This year had a disappointingly low turn out as there were no teams from Germany or FRSO Belgium.
England won convincingly over the other nations with 11 class wins out of 14. VVO Belgium took the other 3 gold positions. Particular strength was shown by England in the M/W 60 with Mike Murray and Carol McNeill (who have both matured into this age group in 2004) winning by considerable margins. Ralph Street (SLOW) had an incredible run to win the M14 by 8 minutes! Clean sweeps were also had on M20, M40, M50, W14, and W60. John Rye was very pleased with the England Teams performance, and looks forward to retaining the trophy next year.

For a full set of course results, splits and progress-o-graphs see the GO website

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