LTU Team Announced

Trossachs segment

The Lithuanian team for the LTU vs SCO match at the Trossachs in April. The team is

Dainora Alsauskaite
Inga Kazlauskaite
Ieva Sargautyte
Vilma Rudzenskaite
Giedre Voveriene
Jolanta Razaitiene
Jurate Rukaite
Edita Martuseviciute
Marius Mazulis
Edgaras Voveris
Simonas Krepsta
Nerijus Sulcys
Saulius Andrekus
Modestas Bacys
Donatas Stulgys
Ruslanas Pogorelovas

This is presently the top Lithuanian WOC team, and if infamous pundit Gordon Ross is to be believed, the strongest elite squad to compete in the UK this year. All this, coupled with the highly technical and physical terrain, is shaping up the LTU vs SCO/SHI/AROS Elite Test to be a very interesting race for top elite runners willing to make the journey up north

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