Sheffield Update

Fearing a slight dominance from the ‘burgh’ on what is a fantastic website, I thought I’d give a brief update on what’s been happening in the other Mecca for orienteering in GB: Sheffield. Seems like you guys get naked and cause a lot more trouble than we do, despite Uncle Richard’s attempts to kick off a clubbing revival amongst ShUOCers. But does he have a hidden agenda though? – a certain Irish international that’s just joined ShUOC perhaps – you see therein lies the danger in getting too drunk in Sheffield. Also there’s the fear of what happened to our beloved captain, Mr. Peter Hodges, at the White Rose when he got too drunk.

So what has been going on here? Well, orienteers have been filling up the uni bursary scheme. The whole world and his dog are allowed on it now after James Furness got accepted. Out of about 20 people on it, 6 of us are orienteers (Rach, Little Rob, Furnie, Laura, Brownie and me) so we get to sponge free use of the gym and circuits and stuff.

Also, thanks to our resident full-time orienteers, Oli Johnson and Jenny Whitehead, we’ve kicked off lots of midweek orienteering races. Supersaint, Uncle Richard, Hoddy (alas without batman), Melons, Aislinn, A Cripple and the evil Irish leprechaun Niall have all made appearances.

Some results:
Loxley 15/10: 1, Craney 2, Dan Tett 3, Furnie
Whitely/Bingham 21/10: Race A 1, Middleditch 2, Craney 3, Little Rob
Race B 1, Craney 2, Supersaint 3, Nobthrob
Burbage 30/10: 1, Oli 2, Uncle Richard 3, Nobthrob
Rother Valley 5/11: 1, Uncle Richard 2, Mark Brown 3, Middleditch
Eccy Woods 11/11: 1, Craney 2, Uncle Richard 3, Oli
Ponderosa 12/11: 1, Craney 2, Little Rob 3, ?
Greno 20/11: 1, Tim Tett 2, Craney 3, Dan Tett
Treeton 26/11: 1, Oli 2, Craney 3, Uncle Richard

Some birds have been running too, but I forget their results. Jenny usually wins though except when Helen Winskill, Rachael, Kim or Laura do.

If anyone’s around in vaguely the Yorkshire/East Mids areas and fancies pitting their wits against us in any of these events, or just fancies sampling some of our spiffing company, drop me an email

This weekend just gone was the Blacka badge, ahem regional, event and a surprising number of us actually bothered going (considering it’s crap). Oli and Helen won.

Might as well give you some more international transfer news. Craney has joined Espoon Suunta so will be running with Oli and Uncle Richard next year.

This weekend coming sees the infamous Captain’s Memorial weekend where SPOOK kindly put shed loads of money behind the bar and we have lots of boat races, the yard makes an appearance, everyone gets screwed and we converge on some poor mug's house and annoy the neighbours. Also there’s a big meal where we celebrate hitting the dubious landmark of 35 years, a football match that invariably resembles rugby more than football (in style and score line), and the legendary SPOOK relays.

Speaking of football, the ShUOC intramural football team has won more games in the last 4 weeks (3 – of which 2 we actually played) than in the 15 months preceding them (0). Pete Hodges is equal top of our scoring chart with 4. I’ve scored 2 of which 1 was not an own goal.


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