Harvester Weekend 17/18 May


This year's Harvester Relay takes place in conjunction with the JOK Chasing Sprint, providing a fantastic weekend of head to head racing for both individuals and clubs.

The chasing sprint will take place in Bloom Wood on the afternoon of Saturday 17th May. Bloom Wood is a small, hilly area with a surprising amount of technical detail; a perfect location for the Chasing Sprint. The event also forms part of the 2008 UK Cup series.

The Harvester will take place on the night of May 17/18th at Naphill and Parkwood, 5 miles north of the chasing sprint. The courses run through mainly runnable Chiltern woodland and will provide a significant navigational challenge at night.

The event field will provide an excellent base, with the changeover, parking, camping and spectator control all located within sight of each other.

Entries close May 3rd for the Harvester, and May 10th for the Chasing Sprint, but clubs are encouraged to get their entries in earlier if possible to allow the organisers to have a better idea of
the expected entry.

Further details of both events are available here.

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