Spring Cup Relay

Spring cup

Spring Cup Relay

The first Scandinavian relay of the season saw normal service resume. The womens relay was dominated by Ulricehamns OK of Sweden. Their team of Simone Niggli-Luder (four times world champion), Jenny Johansson (Spring Cup Classic winner and Swedish International) and Martina Fritschy (Swiss international) beat Spring Cup OK by six minutes. Bkkelagets were third. There were some strong British performances as well. Mhairi Mackenzie and Kim Buckley running for OK Ravinen came in sixth 9 seconds off third place. Jo Stevenson also had a good day helping Sdertlje Nykvarn Orienter into ninth place. The first all British team was British Senior Team of Jenny Whitehead, Laura Daniel (Nope Young Team) and Helen Winskill who finished 13th.

In the mens open there was a close win for Kristiansand of Norway beating Pan Kristianstad of Sweden by 10 seconds. The Swedish team of Hakarpspojkarna came in third. British success came in the form of Jamie Stevenson who came back first after the first leg so picking up the 1000kr prize. IFK Gothenburg, Jamies club, then dropped down to 64th overall with the rest of the team consisting of new IFK youngsters. Another good British performance came from Scott Fraser running first leg for Svedalens. Scott told Nopesport that at the spectator control he could see Jamie in the distance and due to a few mistake in the second half of the course meant that he finished two minutes down from Jamie. The highest overall team performance from a Brit came from Matt Speake running for OK Tisaren who finished 21st. Speake followed his good run in yesterdays classic to help Tisaren finish 8 minutes down from Kristiansand. Nick Barrable and Andy Etherdens Ravinen team finished just after Tisaren in 22nd. The first all British team was the British Junior Squad team of Mark Nixon, Mark Saunders, Oleg Chepelin (Nope Young Team) and Chris Sellens who came in at 62nd.

Mens Open

1 NOR-Kristiansand OK 3:32:40
Nordberg, Rostrup, Nomeland, Hott-Johansen
2 SWE-OK Pan-Kristianstad 3:32:50
Rune Olsen, Modig, Jensen, Olsson
3 SWE-IK Hakarpspojkarna 3:33:23
Jansson, lund, Karlsson, Karlsson
21 SWE-OK Tisaren 3:40:59
Jansson, Speake, Lauri, Merz
22 SWE-OK Ravinen 3:41:37
Barrable, Jacobsson, Hansen, Etherden
29 NOR-IL Tyrving 3:47:11
Kaas, Tiltues, Gristwood, Sagberg
32 NOR-Fredrikstad Skiklubb 3:49:38
Red-Hansen, Parry, Soukupm, Lucasen
62 GBR-TEAM GB 4:05:45
Nixon, Saunders, Chepelin, Sellens
64 SWE-IFK Gteborg 4:05:56
Stevensson, Nilsson, Robertsson, Forssten
68 NOR-Halden SK 4:08:47
Brichill Jones, Johansson, Sakster, Bartak
73 SWE-Svedalens AIK 4:11:14
Fraser, Weihard, Pettersson, Halliday
84 GBR-Sheffield 4:21:56
Winskill, Peel, Tett, Tett
103 GBR-CLYDE 4:47:00
Rattray, Bourke, Brunton Caithness
113 GBR-GO-NADS 5:12:09
Nicholas, Roberts, McCarthy, McCarthy
115 GBR-Bristol 5:13:43
Saunders, Daniel, Bedwell, Powell
116 GBR-Herts Orienteering Club 5:15:58
Marsden, Marsden, Adams, Cumpstey
117 GBR-SCJS 5:25:22
Broderick, Bray, Currie, Currie

Womens Open

1 SWE-Ulricehamns OK 2:11:30
Fritschy, Johansson, Simone Niggli-Luder
2 DEN-Spring Cup OK 2:17:50
Hausner, Ikheimonen, Olesen
3 NOR-Bkkelagets SPK 2:18:00
Staff, Bleken, Haskin
6 SWE-OK Ravinen 2:18:09
Mackenzie, Buckley, Alsauskaite
9 SWE-Sdertlje Nykvarn Orienter 2:19:13
Stevenson, Soular, Fristad
13 GBR-TEAM GB 2:21:37
Whitehead, Daniel, Winskill
17 SWE-OK Tyr 2:24:20
Andersson, Nilsson, Rollins
37 GBR-TEAM GB 2:33:08
Ward, ONeil, Manning
45 GBR-Sheffield 2:39:18
Austin, Elder, Wootton
59 GBR-Sheffield 2:47:29
Whitehouse, Leventon, Robertson
65 GBR-TEAM GB 2:50:36
Gardner, Bridge, Hensman
69 GBR-Sheffield 2:53:00
Van Hee, James, Taylor
72 SWE-OK Ravinen 2:54:15
Palmer, Eriksson, Rangert


1 CZE-Hana Silesia O-team 2 1:58:19
Jindra, Hana, Hana


1 DEN-FIF Hillerd 0 2:04:56
Djurhuus, Lundedal-Jense, Folino Nielsen
21 IRL-Ireland Junior Squad 1 2:36:20
O'Boyle, Short, Simonin


1 CZE-Hana Silesia O-team 1:04:38
Michal, Marek, Michal

H/D 130

1 CZE-Hana Silesia O-team 1:40:56
Dusan, Brko Robert, Jozo
43 466 GBR-Herts Orienteering Club 3:14:13
Marsden, Marsden, Saunders

Spring Cup Relay Results

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