PWT Round 2

Britain took two 3rd places from the 2nd round of the PWT in Lecce. A much flatter course saw closer times than in the previous two races. Britains Nick Barrable snatched 3rd place from Finn Mrten Bostrm by just 0.2 seconds to secure his first PWT podium place. Johan Nsman was the winner as he beat fellow Swede Emil Wingstedt by 0.9 seconds to claim the gold following from his silver in the first race. Wingstedt was slowed when a car blocked his path during the race but said of it "I was simply out of luck today".

In the womens race Sarah Rollins took 3rd spot, 1.4 seconds behind Emma Engstrand while 20 seconds clear was Simone Niggli-Luder who took her second Gold of the week.

Provisional Results:
3.2 km, 16 controls, 8 m climb
1 Johan Nsman SWE 15:37,9
2 Emil Wingstedt SWE 15:38,8
3 Nick Barrable GBR 15:53,3
4 Mrten Bostrm FIN 15:53,5
5 ystein Kvaal sterb NOR 16:01,5

1 Simone Niggli-Luder SUI 17:42,0
2 Emma Engstrand SWE 18:03,4
3 Sarah Rollins GBR 18:04,8
4 Jenny Johansson SWE 18:06,9
5 Gunilla Svrd SWE 18:29,7

Source (and full results): Park World Tour

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