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last minute changes to courses 1, 5, 6 & 7

Yesterday we lost the use of a field, transit through which is a route choice option on the above courses. The maps for these courses will be altered by hand to show that this field is now OOB. The map shows a fence crossing point leaving this field, this crossing point will not exist and so the symbol should be ignored. Any competitor entering the OOB field risks not only personal disqualification but also jeopardizes the future use of the area.

NOTE -more last minute changes to courses 1-5 (29th March)
This may sound like carelessness but we have now lost the use of another section of the map - unfortunately Polo Ponies take priority over orienteers in this neck of the woods. A possible route on courses 1-5 passes through the map segment shown on the insert below. The main track running east-west is now OOB to orienteers, should you choose this route you should follow the marked route which follows an earthwall and then a path around the entire OOB area. This route will be marked on the map as shown and also with streamers on the ground. If you choose an alternative route that does not pass through this section you do not need to use the marked route.

Full details can be found here


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